8 Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced accounting services have become a great option for small as well as the large companies these days, but are they really great? Here are eight reasons why you should consider using outsourced accounting services for your business.

#1  Prebuilt Process

Outsourced accounting services means you are buying efficient services as long as the company you work with is an established and experienced with proven track record. They have prebuilt systems in place for management reporting, tax reporting etc.

#2  Experience

Since outsourced accounting service provided would work with several industries, it gives them view of best practices across multiple disciplines. You get that invaluable experience when it is applied to your business.

#3  Privacy

When you hire someone in house, you have someone who knows about your payrolls, profitability, taxes etc which can cause damage to your company’s culture. Use of outsourced accounting removes that risk completely.

#4  Security

If you work with experienced and established outsourced accounting services providers like Ofin, you will have your data secured forever. We take backup of your data on regular basis and ensure that your data is not lost in any case. You are no more worried about your financial data.

#5  Speed

Accounting is a system. When you hire an outsourced accounting services provider like Ofin, they are motivated to get your job done, and do it right the first time.Unlike in-house employees who lounge around, complaint about limited support from your consultant, and work overtime – your outsourced accounting partner has a definite agenda and outcome. This is especially true when the charges are fixed per month. We do not charge you per transaction basis, unlike other outsourced accounting services providing companies. This keeps us motivated and focused.

#6  Technology

Outsourced accounting services providing companies have to be streamlined in order to complete their job. Without latest technology and tools, it would be impossible to manage all your data, invoices and more. This means you get access to all the best tools.

#7  The Cost 

Everyone knows that outsourced accounting services are more affordable than in-house accounting team, but how much? Well, that depends on what services you choose out of bouquet of services we offer. On an average, you can save between 30% to 40% of your costs.

#8  Its all under one roof

Some outsourced accounting services companies provide all services like tax return preparation, GST filing, TDS filing etc. If that’s the case, you only have to
dial one number for all your accounting needs. Ofin is an all service
outsourced accounting company. That’s indeed a powerful combination.

Outsourced accounting services are great option for businesses who are interested in scaling fast. Above eight benefits can make huge difference to your company and its bottom line. 

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